LER MT International Co., Ltd



Echosounder Inspection and repair

Inspection and overhaul of gyrocompass and autopilot

Ship Heater Repair

Electromagnetic Compass AD Converter Repair

VHF Radio Repair

Radar Maintenance

Servo Belt

Gyro compass maintenance

Wireless radio supply installation

Elevator maintenance

Navigation light and anchor light maintenance

Oil-water separator calibration and maintenance

Rudder Angle Converter Maintenance

Ship Battery Charger Inspection and Maintenance

Automatic control system maintenance for generator

NAVTEX maintenance & repair

Gyro compass maintenance

Magnetic Compass Calibration Job

Ship CCTV monitoring system

Ship air compressor

Ship oil water cooler/Heater Exchanger

BNWAS installation

Gyro compass, gyro repeater inspection and maintenance

Ship Crane Overhaul

Elevator Annual Inspection Maintenance

Generator seawater pipeline renovation

JRC satellite antenna repairment

Water level detection_Circuit board_Maintenance

Alarm system_Overhaul_Converter&Sensor

Autopilot_ Gyrocompass_Maintenance

Autopilot Repariment

Siren Motor Repairment

Oil - water separator calibration

Hydraulic Boom_ System Adjustment_ Motor Inspection

Wind direction anemometer_Replacement_Installation

Weather fax repairment

Searchlight Replacement

Ship bottom cleaning

Generator repair_Winding_ Changing parts

Elevator Overhaul

Power Supply Replacement

Satellite Communication

Supply of machinery spare parts

Engine Room Generator Pump Replacement

Engine room leakage_ Aft propeller_ Removing the rope

Monitoring&Security System_ Engine Room Monitoring & Security System Complete Replacement & Sensor Replacement

Voltage transformer Repairment

AIS installation