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Fishing boat radio

Fishing boat radio.
FM radiotelephone


Fishing boat special radio FT-801 uses high-quality parts to improve transmitting and receiving performance, intuitive LCD Chinese display screen, and easy operation. According to the needs of fishermen users, this unit adds an AM radio function to facilitate listening to weather broadcasts; Setting 4 Communication channels, greatly improving the data signaling connection rate; built-in GPS module to complete positioning and navigation functions.
Fishing boat special radio FT-801 is a new type of wireless telephone with high reliability, multi-function, intuitive display, simple operation and good communication effect.


◎ Waypoint storage function ◎ Dual signaling operation (300 baud ASK, 1200 baud MSK)
◎ General voice call ◎ 4 channels on duty (channels 221, 231, 236, 238)
◎ Request a return ◎ There is a special function for wireless telephone
◎ Full Channel Scan ◎ Receive all call, sea call and weather alerts
◎ Memory Channel ◎ Automatically record incoming messages
◎ AM radio function ◎ Timing and manual ship position return
◎ Timer alarm function ◎ Emergency call to all ships (distress call)
◎ Receive positioning instructions ◎ Common ship number storage function
◎ GPS navigation function ◎ Voice encryption function (optional)
◎ Low voltage alarm function ◎ Quick call to a certain ship (quick call)
◎ Call to a certain fleet (group call) ◎ Turn on the radio function regularly
◎ Call to a certain ship (selective call)  


Frequency range: 27.5-39.5MHZ
Channel grid: 25KHz
Number of channels: 480
Modulation: FM (16KOJ3E)
Working voltage: DC 12V or 24V
Signaling format: 300 baud ASK, 1200 baud MSK


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