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The marine radiotelephone adopts high-quality related devices to add waterproof measures and uses reasonable software and hardware circuits to meet the actual needs of users and facilitate navigation. Make the ship safer during navigation, truly achieve multifunctional high reliability, easy operation, intuitive display and good communication effect.

FT-2800 lifeboat portable VHF two-way radiotelephone for on-board and on-site communication, in accordance with the relevant standards of International Maritime Organization Resolution IMOA.809 (19) and the relevant standards of MSC.149 (77) and relevant ITU recommendations A.694 (17) provides requirements.


Frequency stability: Microcomputer-controlled synthesizer is used to ensure high frequency stability on each channel.

Strong water resistance: It can be placed for more than 5 minutes at 1 meter underwater, and it is not easy to be attacked by seawater or by classes.

External equipment: External microphone / speaker, rear hook, easy to fix.

Battery: The battery is easy to disassemble and install, and the primary battery has a large capacity. It can work for 8 hours at the maximum rated power and 1: 9 load cycle, and the battery storage period is 2 years.


Frequency range: 156.025-157.425MHZ
Modulation method: FM: FM (16K0G3E)
Receiving system: double frequency conversion of super heterodyne
Frequency tolerance: ± 10ppm (-20 ° C + 60 ° C)
Working voltage: DC 6.4V
Dimensions: W (52) × H (145) × D (32)
Weight: 200 g (± 2%)


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