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Navigation chart machine / electronic chart machine


FT-8900 navigation chartplotter adopts color LCD display, that is, intuitive operation keyboard, which can conveniently view the relevant information of the target ship, as well as the orientation and distance from the ship, and can display the target ship in the form of vector coordinates; with intelligent alarm sound and light The alarm function is equipped with various AIS and navigation alarm prompts. The navigation chart machine can display information such as coastline, place names, beacon lights, and dangerous objects. Navigation chart machines are multifunctional ship equipment.
When the navigation chart machine cannot be located for a long time, first check whether the antenna is completely installed, whether there is a bad contact, whether it is blocked or if there is other interference around the antenna. Before starting the terminal, make sure that the antenna cable connector is intact and there is no short circuit or open circuit, and then install the antenna according to the correct method. When the device is turned on, try not to unplug the antenna at will to avoid damage to the equipment.


◎ Static data, dynamic data, navigation data
◎ Ship collision warning function
◎ Sound and light alarm function
◎ Ship positioning and navigation function
◎ Navigation data display function
◎ Distress alarm function

Product acessories

◎ Main unit * 1
◎ Bracket * 1
◎ GPS antenna * 1
◎ AIS antenna * 1
◎ Installation accessories
◎ Instruction Manual


RF unit: 1 transmitter, 2 TDMA receivers
Frequency range: 156.025MHz ~ 162.025MHz
Frequency error: ± 500Hz
Channel interval: 25KHz
Channel bandwidth: 25KHz
Compass distance: 0.8m
Working voltage: DC: 9-16V / 3A or 9-38V / 3A (optional power supply)
Protection level: IP45
Display resolution: 800 * 600TFT color LCDAudio power: ≦ 5W / 8 ohm (adjustable)
Working temperature setting: -20 ° C ~ + 60 ° C


TL188 LER802 AIS antenna for ship
TL188 LER-802 AIS antenna for ship